Find the nearest charging location for your electric car.

Get Charged

Drive anywhere, with any electric car.

With the tap of a button, find and navigate to charging locations nearby. We’ll let you choose the station that best fits your needs, based on factors like price, distance from your current route and proximity to things to keep you busy while you juice up.

No matter where you are, we’ve got your back. With the largest charging grid available, you’ll always be able to find a place to boost your battery and get back on your route, whether it be in a shopping center or at your friendly neighbor’s home.

Any car, anytime. Just add your car to your profile and we’ll ensure that you get the right stations for your needs. You can stop by a station for an impromptu pick-me-up, or schedule your charging session for a road trip ahead of time for more peace of mind and no wait.

Provide charging, for easy passive income.

Your charging station is going to be sitting at your home, whether your car's plugged in or not. We’ll help you put it to work to earn you a little passive income. You get to set your price and we’ll pay attention to what the local electricity prices are to make sure that you’re still making moola.

Because the whole Surrrge system is built on a grid, we’ve got the low-down on where the most people who need a charge are and we’ll make sure you get compensated for tying up your station. Did someone say supply and demand?

You open up your charger for business when it is convenient for you. We’ll let you set your own schedule for when you’d like to show up on the grid and hide you completely when you want to have your me-time.